2020 / graduation


In my collection ‘Stages of the ordinary’ the view of the everyday object transforms by questioning it from the context of the ornament. Ornament is often a forgotten language while it has a long history that goes far beyond just a decorative layer. To me it is a form of communication, a guide in functionality, a manner of production and an indication of the origin. For me ornament has become a way of working.


From the perspective of ornament I selected objects that function just fine, but aren’t appreciated anymore in the current interior. First I dissected them, to get to the essence of the ornament, then I built them up again and introduced them in our time. My search for new interpretations is a dynamic design process of stacking, cutting, stitching, flattening and folding existing images and shapes. With these simple methods I transform the existing shape of an object to let it develop further so it becomes autonomous.


From this work method I present my graduation collection that approaches ornament from multiple perspectives, ranging from decorative to practical. Including a chair inspired by a Dutch antique dining chair, the ‘knopstoel’. By folding the chair together, the two-dimensional image transforms into a practical product. The chair brings image together with product, decoration with construction and function with functionless.


Materials:       Wood, fabric, rope, steel

Dimensions:   Various









all rights reserved by Hanna Kooistra / 2020